RCC Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

WE LOVE KIDS. The opportunity to serve and minister to your children is a tremendous privilege! At RCC Kids, we want every moment with your child to be intentional in teaching him or her about Jesus, God’s Word, and His world. We have created a fun, positive environment to help your child open their heart to receive the life-changing power of Jesus Christ through an age appropriate, Gospel-centered curriculum in each of our rooms. God loves children; therefore, ministry to our littlest family members is equally as important as our ministry to adults.

All our kids, as a value, worship with their parents in our service at 10am. They are then released to their class during our 10 minute break. If you are not signed in yet you can do so in this break. 


1 Year- 4 Year Olds


Kindergarten- 5th Grade


Teachers with a heart for children.


On your first visit to RCC Kids, you will complete a brief registration form for your children. Our friendly volunteer staff will greet you, assist you with our sign-in process, take you to your children's rooms, and introduce you to your child’s caregiver/teacher. When you sign your child in, they will receive a numbered name tag. You will receive a matching numbered security pick-up tag to present when you pick your child up. 


Little Kids is for children from 1 year old through to Kindergarten. Within the Little Kids area, we have 1yr, 2yrs, 3yrs, and 4yrs-Kindergarten. Little Kids have lots of play-time and lots of nurturing. As kids mature, their class becomes more structured. The 4-K kids are taught a Bible lesson that’s reinforced with fun activities. They also have some time to just play.


Big Kids is for elementary-age kids (K/1st-5th grades). Upon check in, elementary children receive their name tags and parents receive their pick-up tag. Kids will be in the service for worship. We believe it's important for kids to see their parents and others engage in worship, as they themselves learn to worship God. They will be released after worship in our 10 minute break. Our Big Kids Teachers and assistant teachers will escort the kids back to their class where they will learn about God, play lesson-relevant games, engage in small group discussion and prayer time.


You will see many faces ready to greet you and spend the morning with your child. RCC Kids volunteers are required to have attended RCC for more than three months, come through our Coming to Family Class (vision and values), and complete an application and background check via RCC before entering the classroom.


On the other side of the building, you’ll find the nursing mom’s room, a quiet space made just for moms who need a place to feed or rock their infants. This room is set up with a changing table and seating.
Moms, stay as long as you need to, please be mindful of other moms who might be waiting to use this room.
If you would like more information on RCC Kids, contact our Kids Ministry Director, Sandy Kreuger by emailing sandals@redemptioncitychurch.com.


• For their safety, please do not allow your children to come into the RCC-Kids area unsupervised.
• Take potty-trained children to the restroom before signing them in.
• We discourage children from bringing their own toys, as it is easy for them to be misplaced or forgotten.
• Be sure to grab your matching security parent tag for pickup.
• Set your phone to vibrate, in case we need to contact you during service.
• Please return promptly to pick your children up. At every age, they are excited to see you!
• Children who show signs or symptoms of fever or any contagious disease should not be brought to RCC Kids within 24 hours of symptoms.