eldership team

Redemption City Church is governed by our understanding of the Biblical model with a plurality of elders working together in team with the deacons  and the members of RCC , to pursue the vision and heart that God has placed on us for the community and into the nations.







Tkay and Sandy desire to serve God first and foremost, but just as importantly to serve people in a way that shows them God's redeeming love for them.
Tkay leads our team of elders. He’s passionate about following Jesus, sharing the gospel to our world and seeing others raised up to walk in ALL that God has called them to.
Sandy loves seeing people touched by the presence of God. Delights in meeting and welcoming everyone (young and old) into this RCC Family—to love them and to pray for them. Sandy oversees and leads our RCC Kids Ministry and Team. She delights in teaching the next generation the word of God, and teaching them to walk in His presence and be part of His church community.
Terry and Sandy have been married for 33 years and they have four children. Tkay has been a pastor at RCC since the planting of the church in 2010 and has been, since 2015, serving as the lead pastor.

Andrew and Sue serve on the pastoral team and oversee RCC finances with much wisdom, and integrity. 
Andrew operates in the prophetic and is passionate about helping people step into the freedom Jesus brings. He delights to see others walk into deeper anointing of the Holy Spirit. Sue is passionate about the Kingdom and fanning into flame people’s desire to follow hard after God.
Andrew and Sue have been married for 30 years and have 3 children.

Tim and Lorna serve on the pastoral team and oversee our Worship Teams at RCC. They have been married for 23 years and have 4 children.
They love people and have a passion to train new worship leaders at RCC. They have a heart to see the unborn cared for and protected, and for God to be glorified in every way.
Tim has a heart to touch the hearts of people in our world today with the truth of the word and worship.
Lorna loves to write songs and has a heart to see her children walk in the ways of God.
Our desire is to see people encounter the love of God, wherever they are, and to experience the fullest expression of life found only in Jesus




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